Why should I have a Smart Parcel Box?

We all love shopping online but hate waiting all day for the parcel to be delivered and returning home to the dreaded ‘sorry we missed you’ or failed delivery card. The issue only gets worse when we have to battle with the customer services team or the courier company to try and rearrange that elusive delivery. It doesn’t get any better when we have to drive miles to a depot or sorting office to collect the parcel which was “attempted” to be delivered to us.

Then we decide to arrange the delivery to our workplace, much to the disapproval of the reception staff and probably the boss (Many companies are actually banning personal deliveries in offices) and we realise that delivery at work is more pain than gain. Then we start considering collecting the parcel a delivery location such as a local shops etc. That could work for some but for many the specified times are not convenient or practical.

How we then wish there was someone at home to accept our parcels, sign for them and keep them safe until we come back home after a hard day’s work and then take our parcel and enjoy our shopping. Smart Parcel Box does precisely that.

With the convenience of a Smart Parcel Box installed at your home, you get

  1. Deliveries accepted and signed (scanned) for you while you are away.
  2. Accept more than one delivery on a given day. So you don’t really have to stagger your deliveries, you are able to shop at will with the only consideration being the capacity of your Smart Parcel Box.
  3. Have your parcels delivered very securely without the danger of anyone phishing your parcels due to its intelligent phishing proof secure product design and a safe, secure and sturdy build.
  4. Get notified by email or text (depending on your Courier Company and seller) as soon as the parcel gets scanned into your box.
  5. You can easily retrieve the parcel by entering your unique key
  6. Peace of mind of not looking for parcels delivered to random neighbours.