Installation Instructions of Smart Parcel Box


These instructions are published with an assumption that the installer has average DIY skills and understanding of handling tools. For installing on ground it must be ready for concrete fixings. Similarly for installing against the wall, please ensure appropriateness of the wall and the fixings before drilling through.

Always install the Smart Parcel Box where it is easily accessible

  1. Set the Smart Parcel Box in the desired location. For ground fixing open the bottom door and mark with a pencil the hole locations. For wall fixings set the box against the wall and mark each location through the back of the box in each corner.
  2. Remove the Smart Parcel Box and drill holes in the marked places using the correct diameter and depth
  3. Re-position the Smart Parcel Box and insert the bolts and washers so that it is tightly fixed to the ground or wall ensuring that it is securely in place.

Construction diagram & tools

You will need a pencil, drill and spanner to install your Smart Parcel Box.


The fixtures provided may not be suitable for your property. Please ensure you use the appropriate fixtures for your construction. Alternative fixtures may need to be purchased. Ensure you take due care when drilling into your walls or ground, any damages to your property or box will not be the responsibility of the manufacturer or retailer.

Resetting the combination lock

  1. The combination number is set to the factory default 0-0-0
  2. Set the dials to the current code. Rotate the clock anti-clockwise so the door is secure and the reset button is facing the ground (indicated by a small hole on the outer edge)
  3. Push a paper clip into the hole and leave it there
  4. Set the new combination code by turning the dials to the new order
  5. Remove the paper clip, your new code is now set
  6. To lock, rotate the dials
  7. Enter your new code and rotate clockwise to open

* If the combination is lost or forgotten, only a locksmith can open the Smart Parcel Box and replace the lock

Download Installation Instructions

Registering you Smart Parcel Box

Before you start using your box, please remember to register your Smart Parcel Box.  There are many essential advantages of registering your parcel box to avail maximum benefits of this product.

Register My Smart Parcel Box