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Smart Parcel Box - A brand owned by homescapes-logo


Taking Deliveries

All popular couriers in the UK use hand held scanners which are suitable to make deliveries to the Smart Parcel Box. These couriers are regularly used by popular websites like Amazon, Ebay, John Lewis, ASOS, Argos and other online and high street retailers.
Yes, there is a separate letter flap. Your postie will be very happy with it. When your letters are posted they will drop down into the secure lower compartment. You will need to open the pin lock to retrieve your letters.
Yes, because delivered parcels can only be accessed via the secure compartment, multiple deliveries can be made via the scan and drop chute, remember to clear your Smart Parcel Box of deliveries on a regular basis.
Yes, the scanning of the barcode by the delivery driver acts as the personal signature of the recipient. Courier companies are directed to take the scan as authorisation and use as proof of delivery. You therefore don’t have to be at home to accept the deliveries. The Smart Parcel Box signs on your behalf. We recommend that you direct couriers to the Smart Parcel Box in your parcel delivery details so this process can happen as smoothly as possible.
All parcel equal to or smaller than 330x280x255 mm can be scanned and dropped through the chute of the SPB 1. The extra-large model SPB 1 XL can accept parcels equal to or smaller than 450x340x260 mm. These sizes will cover most standard sized parcels from main stream online retailers such as Amazon.
If you are expecting a package which is bigger than one that can be dropped through the chute or contains fragile contents (such wine bottles), then you can pass on the combination code with the delivery instructions. You can then change the code once the delivery has been made. The maximum parcel size which can be delivered by this method is SPB 1: 330W x 330D x 570Hmm, SPB 1-XL: 330W x 510D x 570Hmm. To provide the code to the courier, please click here for details.
The Smart Parcel Box can take multiple deliveries, the number of parcels it can accept depends on which Box you have and the size of the holding compartment. For standard chute deliveries the SPB 1 can hold parcels equalling up to 330W x 330D x 570Hmm for the SPB 1 - XL this increases to 330W x 510D x 570Hmm.
The Smart Parcel Box is not insulated or refrigerated, anything that may be damaged by or react to excessive heat or cold should not be delivered to the Smart Parcel Box. Companies and couriers may refuse to deliver expensive goods without taking a personal signature, important documents such as passports may also require a personal signature, in this instance, please check with your seller before you purchase.
The Smart Parcel Box is made of strong galvanised steel, the delivery chute does not allow phishing of parcels and the parcel holding area is secured with a cam lock and 3 digit combination code. It does however runs the same risk of break ins like other locked structures in a house.
Most household insurances would consider your Smart Parcel Box as an outbuilding and would cover its contents. We would however recommend you to clarify with your insurance company.

Watch video Introducing the Smart Parcel Box

Combination Lock

The factory default setting is 0-0-0. The parcel door is closed when the lock is in a vertical position.
Please click here and follow the instructions provided.
For bigger parcels that have to be delivered through lower compartment, you will need to provide the combination code to the courier.. Please click here for the details on how to do this.
Yes, you can make 1000 unique combinations and its very straight forward, please click here for details. We recommend that you keep your combination code updated within your registration details, should you ever need it.
If you have registered your Smart Parcel Box, then your combination key would be registered there. Click here for the details on how to access your combination keys. If the code is lost or forgotten, only a professional locksmith can open the box and replace the lock.


Your details including the barcode & location of your Smart Parcel Box will get passed on to partnering courier companies. You will also have a log of your combination keys securely recorded, so the chances of losing your lock combination number are minimised.
Please register your Smart Parcel Box at this link here.
On receipt of your Smart Parcel Box, all codes are set to 0-0-0. At the time of registering your Smart Parcel Box, it is recommended to list a number of variations that you could use as your number lock, these may be memorable numbers or dates that you frequently use elsewhere. Please try these combinations. If you have used a combination which is not one of these and you have forgotten your combination number then unfortunately you’ll need to use a professional locksmith to gain access to the Box.

Watch video on how to login and create your account to register your smart parcel box

Specification & Installation

The dimensions of the Smart Parcel Box are as follows:

  • SPB 1: 410x 385 x 1025 mm
  • SPB 1-XL: 435 x 530 x 1025 mm
The product is designed to be installed outdoors, it is manufactured from galvanised steel and powder coated. However, given the British weather, it’s still better to be cautious when locating it. Partially covered areas which are not prone to flooding are recommended. Please note that it is water resistant but not water tight, so parcels must be removed regularly.
Yes, as long as you use paint that is suitable for steel and the outdoors. Please remember to protect certain areas such as the combination lock.
Partially covered areas which are not prone to flooding are recommended.
It′s very simple to install, it comes fully assembled, it just needs to be fixed to a concrete surface which anyone with reasonable DIY experience can do. Regretfully, we do not have the facility to provide this assistance at the moment.
The Smart Parcel Box is made from high grade galvanised steel. It is engineered with an anti-phishing bar, so that no one can gain access to the parcels from the delivery chute. It also has a secure combination lock. Please however note that it’s not a safe and not protected against a determined attempt to break it with power tools (it runs the same risk like your house doors and windows).

Watch video on how to Install

Buying & Delivery

The Smart Parcel Box is available for viewing at Homescapes Main Distribution Centre in the West Midlands. We are in the process of facilitating other locations where it can be viewed. The list will be updated at this link here (locations to view)
At the moment, we do not deliver overseas and off shore locations. Please check the updated status of delivery conditions.
Not at the moment. Please check the updated status of delivery conditions.
The product has a warranty for any manufacturing faults for a period of one year from the date of delivery. This does not however cover any damages caused during installation or general wear and tear.