The Smart Parcel Box is a convenient way to ensure a smooth and hassle free online shopping experience, facilitating a safe and secure delivery direct to your home whilst you are out at work, away or on holiday.

No more frustration of receiving ‘Sorry We Missed You’ cards, the aggravation of rearranging deliveries for a time more convenient or coming home to find your parcel left with an unhappy neighbour. The Smart Parcel Box can receive multiple deliveries from different couriers throughout the day, delivered safely and securely to your address whilst you are not at home to receive them. The box is designed to be used with ease by all ages and can be used by all well-known courier companies when instructed to do so.

SPB is part of the Homescapes brand, a successful UK based company established for over 15 years with experience and expertise in the homeware industry. A well-respected name trading online via, Homescapes provide millions of happy households with quality home furnishings, textiles and accessories every year. Homescapes have seen a growing need for this product, with customers informing us time and time again about their missed parcels and aggravation about re-organising a delivery that needs to fit around their busy lives. With the experience and feedback from customers and the support from Homescapes, the Smart Parcel Box was born.

The Smart Parcel Box has been designed to suit British customers and the delivery process, it is easy to use and can accept several parcels over the course of one day. Research has been carried out into the buying habits of UK customers along with delivery trends and the success rate of deliveries before the conceptualisation of this product. We are aware of the increasing number of missed deliveries, exposed deliveries and delivery theft and know that the Smart Parcel Box will combat these issues.

The product has been designed to blend in with your home. Its modern design, straight lines and subtle colours of grey and black or light green and grey will compliment most garden and front entrance areas. It has been engineered to be both functional and effective making the delivery and retrieval of parcels easy and straightforward.

Made from suitably treated galvanised steel the Smart Parcel Box complies with European standards and is manufactured to sustain the varying British weather conditions. It is weather resistant but we do advise that during installation you take reasonable care to ensure that it is protected against possible future heavy rain/flooding. If you are installing it into the ground, it is advised to fix it onto a concrete slab, keeping it in place and adding weight to the box.

Designed around an electronic exchange of data, the Smart Parcel Box uses a unique smart 2D barcode, located on the inside of the parcel chute. When scanned by the courier this acts as proof of delivery for your parcel.

Each box’s address, location and barcode is registered with so that couriers can locate and successfully deliver to your box. It is recommended that all parcel delivery addresses include the instruction that it is to be delivered to the Smart Parcel Box to help encourage a smooth delivery.

The Smart Parcel Box is distributed nationally from Homescapes’ national distribution centre, based within the heart of the West Midlands. Customers are also invited to view the box either at Homescapes main warehouse or at several other locations across the UK, please contact us to find your nearest viewing location.

Delivery is free for most of the UK. Your Smart Parcel Box will be delivered by one of Homescapes vans and friendly drivers. We will contact you prior to delivery to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

The Smart Parcel Box is very easy to install, installation instructions can be found inside the box, you can also click here to view our handy installation video. With basic DIY skills it should be very simple to secure your Smart Parcel Box to the ground or wall, whichever is most suitable for your property.